5 Advantages Of Installing A Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is being built suspended below the actual ceiling. This is the most popular feature of the modern architecture and is present in several commercial buildings and homes. There are several types of ceilings which have been popular for several years. One of the most accepted preferences for modern offices is suspended ceilings.

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Let’s check some benefits of this type of ceiling that has a widespread appeal:

1. Easy to Take Care of

Suspended ceilings allow easy maintenance and modification as they are basically designed from the panels which can be moved and replaced very easily. Most of the plaster ceilings need to be demolished and rebuilt to make a structural alteration to wiring or piping.

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2. Efficient

Another best-known advantage of the ceiling is that they provide more energy which is efficient to lighting and heating solutions. Your choice of the tiles can improve the circulation of air and can also retain the heat according to the needs while the reflective tiles can be used for the distribution of the natural light.

3. Camouflage

When you add this type of ceiling below the main one, it can easily conceal the pipes, air ducts and the light fittings and wires. You can choose from the large variety of tiles which can achieve a look that’s neat and professional according to the nature of the business.

4. Cheaper

This type of ceilings is very attractive to look at. This is also the most economical method of updating and transforming the appearance of the office. It’s quite cheaper to install the new type of ceiling below the main ceiling than renovating the existing one.

5. Safe

Another benefit of these ceilings is that they ensure excellent protection against fire. This ceiling is mainly produced from the mineral fibers which have fire-proof qualities so that they can halt the spread of flames effectively through the building.suspended cellings melbourne

How to Install Suspended Ceilings?

  • Installing this style of ceiling on your own will take a bit of time. Installing the ceiling in a 9’ by12’ room mainly requires more than 12 hours of work. The job can be best completed by at least two people who are experienced in doing the technical jobs in the house. However, one does not need special expertise to do this job as the techniques and tools used in the process are the basic ones.
  • You never need any permission to work on this type of ceiling. However, it’s a good idea to check the regulations at your apartment.
  • Suspended ceilings can be hung from the ceiling joints with the help of a metal grid. This creates an opening between the ceilings and joists where the pipes and the wires can be installed. The ceiling can be glued directly to the existing one or can be nailed too. The ceiling works very well when compared to the other existing ones.
  • This type of ceiling works very well compared to the older ceilings. However, the ceiling is not that comfortable. All that you require for installing the ceiling is sufficient space. The key is that you have to use the right tools. It’s not difficult to install and doesn’t require any expensive equipment. However, if you want to cover a medium-sized to a large room, installation of metal grid requires at least two people. Many tools are required to install this type of ceiling, like nails, straightedge, knife, a ladder, a handsaw, a face mask, a pencil, a miter box, tiles, a screwdriver and a coping saw.
  • It looks great in your house. They cover up the cables, wires, and the lighting systems and possess fireproof characteristics. However, in many cases, a classic suspended ceiling can be the best choice as they are light-weight and can be installed very easily.

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