4 Global warming: Something we can no longer ignore


It affects the very fabric of our lives, and we are being forced to take steps to combat it. Here are a few practical suggestions.

It became a known phenomenon in the last century. By the late 1990s, the world was increasingly hearing about something termed as ‘Global warming’. At first, everyone was unsure about what it really was. Then a clearer, extremely grim picture about it began to emerge. In a nutshell, it was a climatic phenomenon born out deforestation, reclaiming the world’s natural coastlines to construct buildings and exploiting the planet’s natural resources.

Like all manmade disasters, global warming is today responsible for unseasonal weather changes, a sharp rise in global temperatures, melting of the glaciers at the Earth’s poles and a drying up of several key water sources around the world. Its most noticeable aspect is that the summers are increasingly hotter every year, and even the winters have shrunk. Monsoons have reduced in many parts of the country and the rest of the world, and there is not enough water for people in many places.

How do you combat the heat?

We can all do our bit to save our planet from eventual ruin – after all, we have to hand the Earth over to the next generation. The steps each of us take today can have a profound impact on the world tomorrow. Here are a few things you can do to prevent becoming a victim of global warming:

– Drink a lot of water and fluids. Your body gets dehydrated quicker in higher temperatures. Dehydration is known to cause a variety of other disorders like migraines, heart palpitations, digestive problems and even stroke. Drinking a lot of water every day and having at least one glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice daily will keep you hydrated and fresh.

– Wear protective clothing. The protective ozone layer blanketing the Earth is being corroded every day. This means that harmful UV rays are directly beating down on us daily. Protect your skin from harmful radiation by wearing sunscreen lotion, full sleeved shirts and a hat to protect your head. Harsh sunlight can also cause heatstroke, so cover up well when you are outdoors.

– Use air-conditioning. Most of us spend several hours in our offices every day. It has now become essential to provide constant air-conditioning inside our offices so that we may not sweat excessively and fall ill. Also, it is difficult to work when one is physically uncomfortable. Your home, office and car should all be equipped with an energy-efficient air-conditioner to reduce your discomfort.*

– Reduce your carbon footprint. While many of us keep our electronic appliances switched on, we must also consider that this has a negative effect on the planet. The more power we consume, the more power must be made available to us. Our vehicles also spew out a lot of noxious fumes every day, further adding to air pollution. All of this adds to our carbon footprint. It is time we reduced our dependence on appliances and used our natural resources such as air and water responsibly.

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