Home Decor Ideas and Tips As Per Vastu Shastra

India is known for its rich heritage, traditions and cultures, and Vastu Shastra is a crucial culture followed by the Indians. Technically, Vastu Shastra is not a culture as it is the science of construction and architecture. However, many people in India consider it a culture instead of science because Vastu’s principle integrates the traditions…

Style your Home your Way with these DIY Ideas

Professional interior designers know how to play with the strengths of your house, conceal the flaws, and make every space appealing to onlookers’ eyes. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of designing your home decor from scratch with your own hands using different DIY decor ideas.

Bluest Water Destinations to Travel

In today’s world of fast living and busy work life, we often find ourselves feeling exhausted in a desperate need to change our environment. Any change is good; however, what we usually need in these situations is a real relaxing vacation.