Food Safety is the first step in Consumer Safety

Food safety can be realised if the food regulators, the agricultural industry, food and beverage industry as well as the consumers work in tandem. The biggest risk comes from food adulterants like microorganisms that can cause food borne illnesses. Therefore prevention of foodborne illnesses must be the primary aim of food safety.

Top Pilgrimages in India that Reward the Search for Spirituality

India’s religious canvas bears the footprints of divine avatars, holy saints, selfless gurus and messengers of the almighty. The country so generous to every religion of the world promises some uplifting pilgrimages that promise to establish direct connection with divinity. Here are the most famous pilgrimages of India you must take to attain the real…

6 Places To Escape From Milan

Whereas most articles about Milan praise its beauty, here you’ll learn how to escape from this business-oriented city devoid of soul and authentic Italian charm.