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Colombia – How Cartagena and other attractions have enchanted

Some destinations are interesting, some destinations beautiful, some destinations are hip – but only very few destinations enchant you for the rest of your life, and Colombia for me is one of them. Read my story about my trip to capital Bogota and UNESCO world heritage coast town Cartagena and start...


6 Places To Escape From Milan

Whereas most articles about Milan praise its beauty, here you’ll learn how to escape from this business-oriented city devoid of soul and authentic Italian charm.

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Singapore City – Best Tour Packages With TravelTours

Most of the people would like to visit the Singapore tourist place in their holidays. The Singapore is a very good tourist place in the world. In all inclusive holidays there is a chance to visit such as museum, beach, buildings, gardens, parks, library, waterfalls, shopping mall, hotel and restaurants.

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Top Things To Do On Your Holiday To Bahrain

Bahrain is changed a lot in last few decades. One of the most modern and liberal countries in United Arab Emirates. Travellers have started to realise its potential as holiday destination. Being an open country, it can entertain any kind of visitors. Therefore, if you are visiting Bahrain for the...

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7 Things To Do In Colombo

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka. This city is the most popular, visited by tourists and local residents of Sri Lanka. Colombo has many things to offer to its visitors and this is the reason most people like to visit the city. There are great historical sites and...

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Australia – Top Places To Visit

If you want to visit an awesome nation which has among the well-known holiday locations in the world, then you should definitely think about preparing for a holiday in Australia. Many of the tourist destinations here are situated off of its shoreline. Deciding on the best destinations to visit in...

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A Quick Guide on How to Judge and Buy Used Car

Although I would have loved to buy a brand new car, I couldn’t afford one. Hence, I had to take my quest to buy a secondhand car. I was a little apprehensive, as I heard horror stories from family and friends and did not want to end up with a...

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Marmaris: The Best Tourist Resort in Turkey

The Marmaris Peninsula divides The Mediterranean Sea and The Aegean Sea. It is an important center that speaks of ancient civilization. It is also Geographically very strategic. Its rich past and natural beauty make it a must visit destination in Turkey. Many cities and harbors existed here. Marmaris is also...

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Perth – A Paradise for Nature Lovers

The Crown Jewel of Western Australia Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a city of black swans, white boats and too many spectacular beaches along the breathtaking coast of the great Indian Ocean. The shoreline is also home to more than 8000 species of wildflowers. Visit Kings Park, which...