Ranthambore National Park- You Will Fall in Love with It

Ranthambore jeep safari - Ranthambore Tiger

Ranthambore National Park is stationed in Rajasthan and is the preeminent place to spot tigers that can be witnessed strolling in the wilderness with no distress. This place is luxuriant in heritage and has enthralling and striking flora and fauna. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers who desire to spot Tigers. A couple or a single tiger can be visualized walking towards you and then abruptly disappearing in the bushes to come out again when you leave the dwelling. If you spot a couple of tigers walking together then you are fortunate to spot them as it is an unusual sight.

Ranthambore derives its name from heritage Fortresses built 700 feet above the forests in Rajasthan and was the hunting grounds of Kings of Jaipur for numerous centuries. The place has lush forests, overflowing brooks and mystical lakes along with monuments built by the Rajput kings and the Mughals. Tourists can visit quite a few astounding places of exploration like rest houses, guard posts, narrow valleys, lakes, brooks and hilly tracks. The place is native land to a prodigious species of birds and animals along with the Tigers that are the foremost fascination. The area is sprinkled with numerous hotels and resorts for a comfy vacation in the lap of indulgence.

Rathambore Jeep Safari-the most exciting trip

Ranthambore jeep safari is an audacious excursion to the forest that facilitates you in spotting innumerable animals like leopard, tiger, bear, crocodiles, hyenas etc. The safari entices quite a lot of wildlife enthusiasts worldwide as it empowers them to catch a glimpse of birds and animals surviving in their natural habitat. Several bird watchers reach the place every year to observe over 350 species of migratory birds during winter months. There are numerous jeeps that take you for the safari and they are safely created to dodge mishaps and lodges about 6-7 people during one trip. You can enjoy the tranquility of the jungle during the safari and spot countless animals and birds during your expedition.

Ranthambore jeep safari - Ranthambore Tiger
Ranthambore jeep safari – Ranthambore Tiger

Jeep safari helps you get intimate to Mother Nature as you can witness the remarkable wildlife of the Park along with heritage sites and lakes. It is a delight of the wildlife photographers who wish to catch a glimpse of various animals through their camera lenses and get that flawless shot. You can visit the Ranthambore fort and the Lord Ganesha temple during your visit and observe the sight of enthralling Jungle from the top of the fort. The Lake is a must visit as animals stopover by the lake often to take a dip or drink water, which delivers enhanced possibility of spotting them. Tigers can also be perceived hunting wild boars or deer after chasing them with massive energy. Travellers get a sensation of serenity and ecstasy after visiting the place as they admire nature’s creation dwelling in its own habitat in a delightful way.

Nurture the wildlife enthusiast in you and bring it out in the open by planning a trip to the Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary and watch the amazing wildlife dwelling in the region.

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  1. Die besten Gebiete sind der Ranthambore National Park, der Corbett National Park, der Kanha National Park, die Große Indische Trappe, das Dibang Tal, der Gir Nationalpark, usw.

  2. I have an amazing experience trip to Ranthambore. There are so many tourist area where you enjoy your vacations.This is one the best place in rajasthan where you can easily see the beauty of the wildlife.
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