Planning City Break in London – Save More with These Tips

Are you planning a city break in London? Well, there is no doubt that the idea is a great one. London is frequented by millions of travelers and tourists from across the globe. While some people come for professional reasons, some come for spending a vacation in the city. There are also many people, who live around London and come to the city for a city break. Understandably, the budget of city break is not as high as a general vacation. But due to low budget, should you miss out on fun and interesting things in the city?  No, never!

Mentioned below find some excellent money saving tips, which can make your city break in London affordable and enjoyable at the same time:

  • City best explored on legs

It is true that the big city of London cannot be explored by walking alone. You can definitely walk in some places like in Leicester Square or in Covent Garden, where the traffic is so busy that walking will help. Along with walking, cycling is also a great way of exploring London. Environment-friendly, cycling is a great exercise as well. You never know when you might find a surprise hidden in some part of the city. However, for longer journeys, it is preferable to use different kinds of public transport systems available in the city. This tactic helps in saving good deals of money on transportation.

  • Passage to major London attractions with The London Pass

Even when on a city break, you will look to check out the main attractions that the city of London offers. Usually the entry tickets to these places are pretty expensive and your budget might not permit entry in all the places. Worry not! Get The London Pass. With this pass, you can have fast-track entry to almost 60 top attractions in London. The places of attractions include Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Thames River Cruise, London Bridge Experience and so on. You have to pay an amount to purchase The London Pass. Many travel sites offer discounts when the pass is bought through them.

  • Eating well by spending less money

If you thought that great foods are available in posh restaurants, you are mistaken. London offers extremely delicious and affordable foods. Where? Check out the traditional cafes, the chain restaurants and the buffet spreads. Yummy sandwiches and burgers are available in aplenty, which you can enjoy by sitting in the lovely parks, courtyards or gardens that are there in abundant in the city. With the popularity of street food in London, satiate your taste buds with eatables from best food trucks in the city. These foods are delectable, hygienic as well as affordable.

  • Cheap tickets for West End shows

Intending to watch a theater show at West End? If you think it to be an expensive affair, hold on. Buying these tickets in advance can help in getting great discounts. Infact sometimes last minute ticket deals are also offered, making them highly affordable. With proper planning and timing, you can watch a great theater at the famous West End without burning a hole in the pocket for the tickets.

  • Attractions in London, which are free of cost

All places of attractions in London don’t have entry tickets. There are many places where there is free entry for the public. And surprisingly, such destinations in London are not very less. Some notable landmarks and attractions in London that are free include National Gallery, Tate Modern, British Museum, Tate Britain, Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park and so on. Try not to miss the Changing the Guard spectacle, it is awesome!

  • Bargaining while shopping

Whether you are going on a city break or a long vacation to London, shopping will be there on the agenda for sure. London is a paradise for shopaholics – you get everything at varying prices in the city. Check out the high street stores or the vintage emporiums in the city for all kinds of items. And do not forget to bargain to get the best deal. London markets are the places for haggling and better your skill is, better savings you can make!

  • Save with affordable accommodation

While being in London on a city break, the best places to seek cheap, affordable but safe accommodation are in the budget hotel chains, hostels, B&Bs and in Halls of Residence. There are also facilities of camping in London. Sounds pretty interesting?

With the above mentioned tips, it is possible to enjoy an exciting city break in London, without spending much.

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