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Mumbai The Commercial Capital of India 0

Mumbai The Commercial Capital of India

Welcome to the business middle of India: Mumbai, a city that never dozes. Business thrives here with the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India and substantial corporate home office running day and night. Secured on the seven islands which were later rejoined as a consequence of...

Colombia beach tour 0

Colombia – How Cartagena and other attractions have enchanted

Some destinations are interesting, some destinations beautiful, some destinations are hip – but only very few destinations enchant you for the rest of your life, and Colombia for me is one of them. Read my story about my trip to capital Bogota and UNESCO world heritage coast town Cartagena and start...

Hongkong 0

Why you should make your Hongkong visit more than just a city trip

When I was living in Shanghai and decided to visit an old friend in Hongkong, I packed my roll-on with a big city girl’s survival essentials: Handbags, cosmetics, high heels. Bad equipment, as it turned out because Hongkong is so much more than just a modern mega city with skyscrapers...

HDL Cholesterol 0

HDL the Good Cholesterol

We hear a lot about LDL the cholesterol that we want to keep under control. You don’t want it to raise too much. HDL is the good cholesterol. The one with the white hat.  You want to be sure that it is high enough. This can be hard to do...

Thanksgiving 0

How was Your Thanksgiving?

Hope everyone had a great day for thanksgiving. It’s always fun to have friends and family around. We had a quiet day yesterday. Everyone else was out of town. Some of them will be stopping by today.

manage SEO while travelling 0

How to manage SEO while travelling?

To make the best & the most relevant content related to any word or phrase being searched on any search engine easily accessible to the user, search engines have devised a technique to decide on the quality of information referred to as “search engine optimization”. In today’s era, internet serves...

Car Technologies Of 2017 1

Top 5 Car Technologies Of 2017

Technological advancements keep on getting better as every new concept is always greater than the previous one That being said the new car technologies of 2017 are exciting to car users as provide improvements in safety, efficiency, entertainment, functionality and generally great innovations. These exciting technologies that are being introduced...

must have travel apps 2

Must Have 7 Travel Apps

With a hybrid phone today, you are always connected to those dear to you while you get a touch of the outside life. The phone has many amazing functions that make life much easier such as navigation, word editors, camera, recording and much more the much recent development in the...

GPS Tracking Collar 2

Know about the GPS Tracking Collar

The GPS tracking collar is an amazing of product of modern technology. It allows you to know the location of the pet you’re putting it on. You don’t need to follow your dog anywhere it goes or tether it to a tree to keep it from getting lost. All you...

Denim Trends for 2016 0

Denim Trends 2016

In the wardrobe of every contemporary clothing denim occupies a special place. Comfortable, practical and comfortable clothing goes out of fashion.

Modern Living Room Ideas 0

Modern Living Room Ideas

Choosing only one room in your home to devote your heart and soul to is a tough decision. But, since every guest and family member will spend most of their time in your living room, you should definitely choose that particular room and then decorate it in accordance with your...

Structure of the Exhaust Pipe 0

How to: Increase Engine Performance with an Exhaust System

There are a lot of car and bike enthusiasts out there losing their sleep over choosing the right exhaust system. Unfortunately, most of them do it for all the wrong reasons. What they are looking for is something that looks good or sounds good, but they forget the fact that...

Technologies Used In Race Cars 3

Top Technologies Used In Race Cars

The ability of one race cars to beat all others in a racing competition could be interpreted by many viewers who do not understand the technology used as a show of superior technology in the car contrary to all others in the same race. In actual sense, all these vehicles...

Ramadan 2016- How to Increase Energy Level Of Your Body 2

Ramadan 2016- How to Increase Energy Level Of Your Body In Ramadan

First Thanks to Almighty Allah! Who gave us this very beneficial month of holy Ramadan 2016? Ramadan is the Ninth (9 Month) Month of the Islamic year. Ramadan is the best month for the Muslim’s people who believe in One God i.e. Allah (A Name you can trust).

Why PG is Always Better Option Over Full House Renting 1

Why PG is Always Better Option Over Full House Renting

Our country is a varied and rich combination of innumerable cultures and races. And so our each of our cities. Are cities are so popular and every city has people coming in from all the other places of the country. But the cities of India have a big heart and...

Business Development 0

The Actual Taxonomy Associated with Business Development

What’s business development? It is a frequently questioned issue along with as much answers as there are men and women contacting by themselves business development specialists. Just what unifies the discipline of business development isn’t much the activities define the idea, since these are usually hugely different ranging over a...