Marmaris – What Sees In Icmeler

At the entrance to Marmaris is such a place on the descent from the mountain, the road makes a turn, as if specially to the city has become more visible from a height. First impression: on the poured located around the mountain portion of tiled roofs, which rolled down the slopes towards the sea, formed a red lake, ending at the water’s edge. The roofs are tiled here specifically to be beautiful. The town is not large, focused exclusively on the tourism industry. Industry is completely absent, because the conservation area.

If you live in a nearby Icmeler, even a city eventually seems metropolis. During the visit to Turkey, we visited Marmaris several times. You can reach it either dolmus he or walk the path along the coast, or on the boat taxi, which periodically run between towns. His first visit to the city we made on foot. And now why ? Go not away: 6 or 7 kilometers, there is always a place to stay to relax and swim, and the path is paved with very carefully. So, we go through the beach. On the first line in the main hotels. Presented on the principle of “one another cooler with cool design, sincerely, etc. (Underline whatever applicable)”. Outside the hotel, starts the local main street, which also runs along the coast. There are already more stores and office buildings.”You might get lost, there is no Lenin Street! Lenin Street is located on the beach! “- Is there such a joke, have studied the great and mighty, traders who calculate via” Rousseau tourists. “

What See In Icmeler
What See In Icmeler

If you go away from the coast, the mountains and the start of the local population at home. Next up will be bombarded with cigarette butts observation deck and a water park. Water park looks like a grotesque miracle plumbing and does not fit into the surrounding landscape.

We pass the beach, by the way, one of the longest urban beaches in the world. Beach area goes to the main avenue of the city, the center of the local day and night life. Walk ends at the square on which stands the monument to Ataturk. Very well thought-out composition: recognizable for Personnel chronicles the gesture, and the historic words: “peace in the country, it means peace of the world.” Then there are two directions to explore. Left – the main square, clocks and fountains. Here nice and cozy evening. Right – the old town, the castle and the pier. This area, in our opinion, is the soul of Marmaris and its energy center if you wish.

In – First: the fortress, it was built by order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the XVI century BC It was a time of active expansion of the Ottoman Empire, while the most significant events in the history of this country. The very small fortress, it is located on a hill surrounded by medieval streets of the old town. We pass along the waterfront, dive into the first lane and go, focusing on the battlements of the walls. Then we came up against the closed gates of the fortress. Restoration, however. The gates are closed on the padlock and a impressive blocked by red-striped ribbon.

Photographing gun, lying at the entrance to the fortress museum, walk down the streets of the old city. It is very interesting, in the maze of streets to get lost is impossible – too it is small, but even though the abundance of signboards of restaurants and nightlife, feel the special atmosphere. Just a nice walk and make some pictures on the memory. Here one can see very clearly how wide the local streets. Stairs, huts entangled with ivy and flowers, stonework underfoot. All were quiet, only occasionally takes another pack of tourists, a shutter clicking.

After rising to the top of the mountain, we go down and find ourselves on the waterfront. There are over crowded because the local bay is one of the world’s largest transit point for yachts from around the world. The first thing that catches your eye – a forest of masts.

We saw a lot of different places of mass gathering of yachts, but it is one of the most popular.

Time for dinner, despite the abundance of eateries decided to return to Icmeler. Along the way, trying to establish contact with the local taxi drivers. For price after three trades where a $ 20 – twice higher than dolmus he stop is hundred steps, although the same travel time (plus or minus five minutes).

The following times we have been here in pursuit of specific objectives. But even if the visits to Marmaris are purely practical, in the presence of half a day of free time, just wander around the city, it will not be superfluous.

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