Marmaris: The Best Tourist Resort in Turkey

The Marmaris Peninsula divides The Mediterranean Sea and The Aegean Sea. It is an important center that speaks of ancient civilization. It is also Geographically very strategic. Its rich past and natural beauty make it a must visit destination in Turkey. Many cities and harbors existed here. Marmaris is also well sheltered from storms and many ships take refuge here. Beautiful hills covered with exotic forests surround the resort city.

Marmaris is one of the most loved and most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. It is located in the South West of Turkey. It is famous for its sunshine, Shopping and nightlife. Entertainment in Marmaris is endless. It only shifts from daytime entertainment to nighttime entertainment. The beaches are great and the hospitality unmatched. Cruises are available daily for you to explore the crystal clear waters of The Mediterranean Sea. Visit the ancient ruins and caves among other famed historical sites of old. The majestic Marmaris Castle stands tall, calling for your attention too. It may amaze you that it is over a thousand years old. Marmaris is sure to make speechless and breathless during your vacation.

In Marmaris, The inviting Mediterranean traditional cuisine is very inviting. Definitely, fish forms part of the delicacy that is a mix of traditional herbs. Swimming is a very safe activity In Marmaris. I say safe because of excellent environmental management and water treatment. You can swim to the town center and the coves. This resort is such unique that you can swim from your doorstep. Sewage management systems are very good. You may also opt for much cleaner and more quiet waters. Just hire a boat to take you to the caves. If you are a water sports enthusiast, just contact your hotel management or your travel agent. You will be given a number of options for you to pick. You are simply spoilt for choice.

The biggest and most modern Marina on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea is The Mamaris Netsel Marina. There exist daily boat excursions from the landing between Marina and the shopping center. Bar Street is not far away. It is a street with many bars and clubs for the party lover. You can access it through the Venezia stream by boat. The bar street comes alive in the evening. The houses that house, that house the bars and clubs are restored and refurbished ancient architectural masterpieces. They are a marvel themselves.

Visit the Old Bazaar, a mesh of narrow streets and alleys. Here the houses are whitewashed as is the traditional Turkish style. Enjoy shopping here for a wide range of products without worrying of any traffic.

The resort city is very accessible by cruise ships and by road too. By air, Diagoras airport on Rhodes Island is very handy. If you are visiting from countries where Turkish visas are required, just apply at the Turkish Embassy or at consular offices. A vacation in Marmaris is surely value for money and gives a classic lifetime experience. Try Marmaris and you will have no regrets.

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