Innovative Home Decor Mats Ideas

Being well dressed not only makes us look presentable in front of others, but it also inspires in us a satisfying feeling. Different aspects of our personality shine based on the attire and the ornaments we choose to put on. It is the same with decorating our house. In addition to casting a fine impression on the visitors, it also makes our own stay in the house worth every moment. All the more reason not to be casual about the interior decoration of your house. But when it comes to interior decoration, people generally don’t think beyond curtains, lighting arrangements, bed sheets etc.

It might be a little hard to imagine but going creative with rugs and mats and change the complete outlook of your place can have a pleasant effect on your mind. One additional advantage of using floor mats is that you can hide the unwanted stains or marks on the floor this way.

Material of Decorative Mats

The material of the decorative mat will vary depending on the place where it has to be used. For example, if the mat is to be placed outside, then the preferable material will be either rubber or coir.

For indoor mats, cloth is the preferable material because they are able to efficiently remove dirt from the shoes and are able to keep the floor clean and presentable. Additionally, materials like jute and runner are also good choices as weatherproof materials.

Selecting Patterns

Try going for multi-colored mats that generally match or are in contrast with your overall interior design. For example, if your house has bright colored paint on the walls, you should preferably buy mats in a lighter shade. Similarly, a red colored mat would be nice with black colored sofa set.

Moisture Absorbing and Scraping Abilities

You might get mats with a lot of innovative designs, but they won’t last long if they don’t soak dirt and grime, and their fibers remain in good condition. Hybrid mats, which both absorb moisture and can easily bare the scraping of shoes, that’s what you should be looking for!

In case the mat gets really dirty, it can always be washed and dried. For effective wrinkle removal, it is advised that you use a good steam iron to press it so that its durability can be increased.

Innovative Ideas for Mats

There are broadly two categories of mats design namely, simple, and sophisticated designs. In a simple design, the mat may be in one tone and have a single word like “Welcome” written on it. Whereas, for a door mat with sophisticated design, innovative catchy phrases like “Good Vibes Only” or “Adventure Awaits” may be printed. Additionally, these mats can also be multi-colored.

Thus, through some artwork, you can get a nice door mat for your house which is unique because it is a representation of your personality. An innovative front door mat can communicate some funky message about you and your house to the visitor.

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