Important Tips for Cleaning Your Car – Just Like a Pro!

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Cleaning your car is more a labour of love than anything else. To most, it isn’t one of those laborious tasks that need to be done as soon as possible, it is instead something that you take your time over so that you can ensure that everything is done perfectly and the car shines inside and out.

However, cleaning your car does require a little bit of expertise and a few tips and tricks are often appreciated by most. If you want to clean your car with and leave it with a professional look and feel, then you should take a look at these suggestions for a more professional clean.

Important Tips for Cleaning Your Car – Just Like a Pro!
Important Tips for Cleaning Your Car – Just Like a Pro!


One of the most important parts of cleaning the interior is the vacuuming of the carpets and upholstery. First, you need to get rid of the bulk – that means getting rid of any rubbish before you start. After all, thick pieces can really clog up the tube. Afterwards, remove the floor mats from the car – vacuuming around them is definitely cheating.

You should brush the carpet of your car first, releasing the loose debris that may be slightly more embedded in the floor. Make sure that you have the right tools for the job if you want that professional look at the end of it. They allow you to do a more thorough job. Once the dirt is loose, you can suck it all up with the vacuum.

Use the hose, or some specifically made attachments to get right in between the seats so that you can pick all the debris up. Anything you can reach, you need to. Getting rid of as much as possible removes odours as well as dirt. Once this is done, repeat the brush and vacuum sections of the technique for a better finish.

If your carpets need to be shampooed, then it is worth doing this after a few brush and vacuum sessions. After all, there is nothing worse than wet debris becoming further embedded in your carpet. When it comes to the upholstery, make sure you use the same brush and vacuum techniques as for the carpet for the best finish and result.

As a final tip for vacuuming the interior, always make sure you move the seats back and get right under there – there’s more hiding there than you might think.

Important Tips for Cleaning Your Car – Just Like a Pro!
Important Tips for Cleaning Your Car – Just Like a Pro!

The Exterior

A common mistake with cleaning the exterior of the car is to use only one bucket of water. This is a huge mistake as it will cause dirt to spread faster and result in a slightly less than clean finish. The best technique is to use four buckets – one for each side, front, and back. This will result in an excellent clean and a fantastic finish.

Make sure you move the car backwards and forwards when you clean the wheels for a full 180-degree finish. It looks better if you do the whole things rather than leave mud splats on the base of the tyres that are only going to show later when you are driving.

Never be afraid to wax your car as well. It can have some great results and a good finish that will also result in a resistance to scratches and damage when you are driving around. It lasts six months or so and you will definitely be grateful for it by the end.

To Conclude

Cleaning your car is something you should enjoy doing, and the results should be ones that make you smile. With these little tips for interior and exterior cleaning, you will be on the road to a shiny success in no time at all. All you need is some time, patience, and the right tools for the job. Go enjoy the sun and give your car a clean.

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