How to Make Home Appliances Last

When creating a home budget, the biggest items are appliance maintenance and purchase. Well, the latter one usually takes precedence, as people become lenient and stop repairing their appliances which shorten their lifespan. In terms of money, this means that you will be spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on new household appliances just because you poorly maintained the old ones. Making home appliances last is not that hard actually, and if people knew how easy it way, they would forever invest only in spare parts instead of purchasing brand new appliances.

The Load Limit

The usual “killer” of washing machines and dryers is overloading. Each machine has a clearly stated maximum weight it can be put inside and this number shouldn’t be taken lightly, pun intended. If the manual states 5 kilos max, then don’t put more laundry than that. An overloaded machine uses more energy to operate and there is greater stress on all parts which makes it last shorter. Also, when the drum is jam-packed, there is no way that the detergent can reach every piece of clothing nor it will be able to wash out properly, so you will have to run the cycle at least once more. This means using more electricity and additionally wearing out the washing machine.

Cleaning the Coils

Once a refrigerator stops working, not only will you have to have it repaired or buy a new one but all the food inside will have to be relocated to your friend’s or neighbour’s place unless you want it to go off. If this happens during the summer months, the damage will be the greatest, because food goes bad fast in the heat. The most important action you can undertake to prevent this scenario from occurring is looking behind the fridge and regularly cleaning the coils. In short, condenser coils release heat, which is hard to achieve if they are full of dust. This makes the entire fridge work harder until it finally loses the fight against the congestion and decides to stop working. A simple duster, a cloth, and a ten-minute cleaning spree once a year will ensure that your refrigerator stays cool for many years to come.

Spare Parts

If you are ever faced with the choice of whether to buy a new appliance or a new part for that appliance, financial-wise, the choice is simple. A spare part for a dishwasher or a washing machine costs significantly less than a new appliance. In some cases, spares can be installed by the homeowner themselves with the help of a walk through guide, while in other cases, electricians need to be called in. The aforementioned fridge has many intricate and toxic parts, such as Freon as a coolant in older models, so for instance, Samsung fridge parts need to be purchased from an authorized dealer. It is too dangerous to even defrost them by force, let alone repair or install anything on your own. The most you can do is buy the spare part the handyman instructs you and leave the rest of the job to their crafty hands.

Regularly Clean the Filters

There are numerous appliances around the house that have filters inside them, from the hairdryer to the air-conditioning unit. These are tactfully placed in appliances so all the dust and debris would not get inside the operating part of the machine. Over time, muck and dirt accumulate on the filters which choke up the appliance and it can overheat or simply stop working. That is why removing them and rinsing them in lukewarm water is something that should be done regularly. For AC units, this means at the beginning of each season you are using them, usually when the heat waves hit at the beginning of summer. Vacuum cleaners should be checked after each use to see what state the filters are in and they should be cleaned as often as possible. Finally, cleaning the filter inside the hairdryer is important because it can turn into a real fire hazard if it overheats!

In the end, don’t forget that appliance maintenance is an activity that is not performed just once. You need to regularly maintain the appliances inside the house to ensure they operate normally. By doing you, you are making sure that the home budget won’t be weighed down with huge contingency expenses in case something breaks down, as you will have to buy a spare part or two in the worst case scenario.

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