Home Decor Ideas and Tips As Per Vastu Shastra


India is known for its rich heritage, traditions and cultures, and Vastu Shastra is a crucial culture followed by the Indians. Technically, Vastu Shastra is not a culture as it is the science of construction and architecture. However, many people in India consider it a culture instead of science because Vastu’s principle integrates the traditions inspired by Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. Earlier, Vastu principles were only limited to temples and religious places.

Over time, Vastu’s importance has been realized by the people, and hence they started following the Vastu principles when constructing, planning or renovating their houses and offices.

When you plan for a makeover or renovation of your house, follow the below mentioned Vastu Tips for Home, which can prove worthy for you and your family.

Vastu Tips for Home Kitchen

According to Vastu, the house’s kitchen must be placed ideally, either in the northwest corner, or the southeast corner of the property. Everything from the placement of the cooking gas, refrigerators, cylinder, sink, the direction of the doors and windows and other kitchen appliances matter. The sinks and taps must be installed on the northeast direction of the room, away from the cooking range because fire and water repel, and they must be kept apart always.

Entrance Door

Vastu demands the ideal placement of the main entrance door. The entry of the house must be in positive directions. By positioning consistent cosmic field at the entrance, you can generate positive energy, which will cause positive thinking and bring in prosperity and good health in the house. Vastu suggests that the house’s entrance door must be the biggest doors of all, and the entry point of the house must be well lit and highlighted with wind chimes, torans, and other decorative elements.

Bedrooms in the House

The ideal location for the master bedroom placement in a house is the southwest corner of the property. You must avoid constructing bedrooms in east, north or northeast direction because it brings financial losses and health issues. For married couples, the best location for the bedroom is the north direction of the house. Bedroom for unmarried adults must be built in the east direction. You must avoid decorating your bedroom with fish aquariums or fountains.

It is also advisable that mirrors must be avoided in the bedroom. If placing a mirror in the bedroom is important for you, then ensure to place it on the east or north walls. Ensure that it is not reflecting the bed on which you sleep. Decorate the bedroom with relaxing and calming items and avoid placing images of your dead relatives, photos of sadness etc.

Colour Scheme for Walls

Choosing the best colour scheme for your house walls is another important factor to consider when remodelling or renovating it. The colour scheme of the walls affects the mood of the individuals directly. The house’s entrance door must not be painted in gray, black or red colours; instead, you may use light blue, white or dark green colours for the entrance.

Living Room Design Idea 

The living room is where guests and family members enjoy streaming TV or performing activities and talk sessions with their families. So, the area is likely to attract negative energies from the visitors that come to your house. According to Vastu, the living room must be placed in the north direction of the house, which is a suitable living room direction. Plus, the living room must have optimal lighting and decorate the space with square living room furniture.

To decorate the living room, you must not choose any artificial plants or flowers like cactus to attract negative energies. The living room can be decorated with fountains, fish aquariums and images with relaxing and impactful quotes. Positive paintings on the walls can uplift the mood. Plus, it would help if you consider the Vastu for Doors and Windows to place the windows and doors in the living room. The windows in the living room must be in the north or east direction of the house.

These are the easy to follow and basic Vastu tips for a house that you must implement when remodelling your house next time. You may approach some professional designers and decorators for more ideas about home renovation, according to Vastu and know how to decorate or renovate your house, according to Vastu.

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