Ford Mustang – A Car to muscle your way through commute

The years and years hd already been exciting from all car aficionados with the launch of some of the most awaited cars like

Ford Mustang – A car to muscle your way through commute
Ford Mustang – A car to muscle your way through commute

. However, out of all the new upcoming cars in India, the most awaited car for all car fanatics is the, wait for it, here it comes, the drool worthy Ford Mustang. There, I said it, and please excuse me for a moment as I catch my breath.

Ok, I am back. The reason for my unapologetic excitement is because of the heritage that the car carries. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most iconic sports car ever to touch the asphalt and it is now in its 51st year of production. In its existence for more than half-century the car has decided to make its presence felt for the first time in the RHD market. Don’t fret, it is not simply a local ‘import and change job’. The car is actually getting manufactured with the steering on the right side.

Let us get to know more about this untamable beast in detail:

Engine and gearbox:

The Indian version of Mustang will be offered with the iconic and breath-taking 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine. The car would blow the paint off the other cars with its 400bhp and 542Nm of torque. The second variant of the car is expected to be the 2.3-litre four cylinder Ecoboost engine that produces a staggering 310bhp and torque of 320Nm. Both engines will be afforded with a six-speed AT.


The sixth-generation of Ford Mustang gets a long hood so you can lay a big map on it and select places you wish to tread. It also comes with a bulge on top, vertically arranged daytime LED lights, and projector headlamps. The signature Mustang mesh grille is now larger with an intent to provide better cooling.

One the sides, the Mustang charms you with more compact shape, thanks to its lower and sharply raked roof line. At the back, the Mustang still has the three-piece tail lamp design. However, the rear bumper looks more aerodynamic and tends to arrest your attention thanks to the dual exhaust on both ends.


Ford has completely reinvented the Mustang’s cabin, giving it a complete state-of-the-art look. The quality of the material is far superior, and the overall layout is more appealing. Other additional enhancements include leather, complete with contrast switching, and soft-touch plastics. The steering wheel of the car is slightly smaller in diameter but it does comes fitted with a wide assortment of buttons that control everything from audio systems, Bluetooth, TrackApps, and instrument-cluster display.

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