Five amazing places to visit in Ranthambore National Park


Rajasthan is a mystical place with palaces and forts that mesmerize us and Ranthambore National Park is an iconic wildlife destination of the state which is the largest in India. It is the most visited wildlife sanctuary as there are several rare species of birds and animals which the nature lovers and photographers can explore and spot. The park has a beautiful scenic view with three lakes, hills, valleys, plateau and ruins of fort. You can visit the trails on a jeep safari or a canter to spot the magnificent animals. There are several places of interest to visit in the park like the museum, school of art, resort or fort; let us discuss five places worth visiting in the sanctuary:

  • Ranthambore Fort:

The fort of Ranthambore is an awesome spot which lies within the park and is quite close to Sawai Madhopur. The place is very popular as maharajas of ancient times visited the fort for hunting. The fort has helped the tourism of Rajasthan gain immense popularity as you can witness gallantry and the splendor of the Chauhan Kingdom in the fort and it is a heritage site of the country. Located between lush green forests, the fort has seen several wars and captures. There are several valleys, picnic spots, lakes, hills etc, near the fort and you can enjoy the scenic beauty while spotting the wildlife around it. Visit the fort and experience culture and heritage come alive in the walls of the royal fort.

  • PadamTalao, Malik talao, RajbaghTalao

PadamTalao is the biggest lake of Ranthambore Park and you can see JogiMahal located on the border of the lake. The lake becomes full of abundant lilies during the season due to which it has got its name. It is situated amidst thick forests and a great number of birds can be spotted at the lake along with several wild animals’ drinking water from the picturesque lagoon. Malik Talao is smaller than Padma Talao but is a very beautiful lake to visit. It is also situated amidst large green forest and has Marsh crocodiles and migratory birds during season. Mornings and evenings are great for spotting the birds and wild animals, so make sure to plan your visit at that time. Raj BaghTalao is the most beautiful lake with ruins at the verge and lush greenery all around. You can spot wild animals at the lake as it has thick forest around.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of natural History:

The museum is located in Sawai Madhopur and is the best places of interest in Ranthambore. It has rare species of plants, animals and information on the geology of western India. It lends awareness to all the visiting individuals about the significance of preserving animals and plants which are becoming extinct on the Earth. There are three floors of the museum, but you can only witness the ground floor where you can see the biodiversity of the region.

  • Dastkar of Ranthambore:

If you love shopping of handmade materials, then make sure to visit the Dastkar Ranthambore where you will find high quality handmade cloth bags to help protect the environment by diminishing the plastic bags from our lives. The main initiative of Dastkar is to save the environment from heaps of plastics which are leading to the destruction of the earth. You can buy colorful and practical bags in different sizes in amazing patterns and tourists are crazy about buying the bags with pictures of wild animals, birds and other creatures. Check out the best of Ranthambore National Park climax and catch these all action with Ranthambore Jeep Safari.

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