Energy-Saving Household Habits for the New Year


New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep mostly because they are related to our personal habits and involve a lot of restraining. As an alternative, this year you can try to adopt some habits that are related to your household and see if you can apply them all year around.

The most useful habits you can adopt are related to saving energy as this will show on your monthly utility bills. If you are willing to make this change as we step into the New Year but lack the knowledge on how to go about this resolution, then here is a list of several energy-saving habits that will improve your household.

Taking a (Not So) Hot Shower

There is nothing more soothing after a long day at work than hitting the shower and exposing yourself to hot water for ten minutes. However, a hot shower wastes a lot of water and power, so you should consider making this pleasuring activity a tad more energy-efficient. Firstly, you can decrease the time spent in the shower from 10 to 8 minutes. Even two minutes less can make a huge difference.

The water you use for the shower doesn’t have to be hot because warm water will get the same job done, using a lot less energy needed to heat the water. Instead of heating the water, you can heat the air in the bathroom by installing heating bodies or underfloor heating. This way, you will be warm before you step into the shower, doing away with the need for hot water.

Always Unplug

Anything connected to a power source, such as an outlet, uses power even turned off. This means that if you leave your TV in the standby mode, it is still using power to operate. Things get more complicated if appliances are left plugged in over a longer period, such as going away for the summer holiday.

While you are enjoying the sun, those appliances combined are wasting power and increasing the electricity bill. If you know that you are not going to use an appliance for a long time, always unplug it! This is especially true for cell phone chargers which shouldn’t be left charging overnight. Not only does this waste energy but it can cause your phone to malfunction.

Regular Maintenance

If somebody asked you to list all the electrical appliances in your house, you would probably forget some. There are so many of them in an average household that it is hard to keep track of them. However, none of them should be disregarded when it comes to their maintenance. Any device that is not working properly is likely to use a lot more power than needed without you even realizing it.

In order for this problem not to occur each month, you should react immediately. For instance, if your washing machine starts making funny sounds, be sure to schedule an LG washing machine repair as soon as possible. The brand is listed here as an example since the repair firm which you call should be able to fix almost every popular brand. Also, it would come in handy if they repaired ovens, fridges, and dishwashers as well.

Don’t Abuse the AC

The air-conditioning unit is an additional way of regulating air temperature in your home. Many people forget that they have a heating system in the winter and a fan or built-in ventilation in the summer. They start relying on the AC as the main heating and cooling unit which is the wrong way to go.

Air-conditioning uses up a lot of energy and should not be used as the primary source for heating and cooling. Next time you feel hot or cold inside your home do not automatically reach for the AC remote controller. You can get up to open the windows and let the fresh air in or put on an extra layer of clothes if you are feeling cold.

Take this short list and make it your goal for the New Year. If you don’t waiver, your household will soon see all the benefits of energy-saving measures.

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