5 Successful Ways To Promote Your Event

Promotion is a very important aspect of planning an event. While there are many ways to reach your audience and promote your event, there are some promotional methods that are very effective in getting excellent results. Here are five methods you can use to promote your event and make it very successful.

1. Word of Mouth

This is a powerful promotional method, and many event planners use this method successfully. Simply put, talk to people you know and encourage them to talk about your event with their family members, friends and acquaintances. Information spreads easily through people telling each other about it. People are more likely to go to an event if someone they know is attending and speaks highly of the event. It is imperative that you make your event sound unique and interesting when discussing it with other people so that they will in turn spread the information to others and convince more people to attend.

2. Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to publicize an event. This involves writing releases and sending them to radio and television stations, specialized magazines, newspapers and websites. Sending out press releases gives you the ability to promote your event to a larger audience. In addition to sending contacting the media, it’s also a good idea to inform journalists and invite them to the event. If journalists report on your event, your event will certainly receive publicity afterward.

3. Social Networking Websites

Social networking sites are one of the most powerful ways to promote to a large audience. Most people are on Facebook, so utilize this site to the max. Twitter and YouTube are also sites that you can use to generate a lot of buzz quickly. Social media is free or low cost, and you can use these sites to publicize your event quickly and cheaply.

4. Community Newspapers and Websites

Consider listing your event in your local newspapers. Many people read the “Events” section of community newspapers to quickly find out what is going on. In addition to sending out press releases to various media outlets, you need to get your event listed in the “Community Events” section on community websites and newspapers. This simple method works well and can help you reach your audience.

5. Enlist The Help of Bloggers

Blogging is another activity you definitely should not overlook. This tactic can be a great way to spread the word about your upcoming event. Search for bloggers that cover local events in your area. If your event is pertinent to the kind of news they are conveying or sharing with their audience or it has a very direct tie in, it is most likely a great fit.


Without promotion, your audience will not know about your event, so you need to actively seek successful promotion strategies. You can use these top five ways to promote any event you may be planning. Keep in mind that while all these are effective ways to promote your event, it is often necessary to mix these strategies to reach your target audience. Also make sure that your event software has the ability to email previous attendees. Emailing direct to your list should definitely be part of the mix too. With a solid plan in place and a little effort, the above tips will help you to make your event a highly successful one.

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