Monthly Archive: February 2017

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Colombia – How Cartagena and other attractions have enchanted

Some destinations are interesting, some destinations beautiful, some destinations are hip – but only very few destinations enchant you for the rest of your life, and Colombia for me is one of them. Read my story about my trip to capital Bogota and UNESCO world heritage coast town Cartagena and start...

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Why you should make your Hongkong visit more than just a city trip

When I was living in Shanghai and decided to visit an old friend in Hongkong, I packed my roll-on with a big city girl’s survival essentials: Handbags, cosmetics, high heels. Bad equipment, as it turned out because Hongkong is so much more than just a modern mega city with skyscrapers...

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HDL the Good Cholesterol

We hear a lot about LDL the cholesterol that we want to keep under control. You don’t want it to raise too much. HDL is the good cholesterol. The one with the white hat.  You want to be sure that it is high enough. This can be hard to do...